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One of the things that has been our focus for a while now is how to be a sustainable company. And we are taking action towards fulfilling our CWVOW2030 pledge.

Cottonworld 2030 Goal

As important as it is for us to take these steps. We also believe that this needs to trickle down to the individual level. That’s when it will really make a huge impact on the environment and the garment industry as a whole. As the customer will demand better, the companies will be forced to be better.

Buying clothes with no consideration for the environmental impact is the general consumer behavior. And we need to change that.

We are being constantly bombarded in wanting more, desiring more. Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, finding the best deals. Buying more, buying cheaper. Buying more, discarding more.

How can you make a difference? Often we all have these plans, these good intentions, these great ideas but don’t know where to begin.

We came across this amazing book which tells you exactly how. ‘Dress with Sense’, written by Redress, is a practical guide to a conscious closet.

Dresses with Cover Sense

We thought we would share some of the shopping tips from their book. That is easy to follow and help you get started.

Borrow instead of buy

Consider borrowing or renting, from friends or family instead of shops searching for an expensive, one-off piece for a special occasion. And the same goes for you, too: open your wardrobe to friends and family to help make sharing the norm.

Buy less, buy better

The most sustainable shopping habit you can adopt is to buy fewer clothes that you will wear for longer. This means that the items you do buy are the best quality you can find, and are ones you really love and will wear for years to come. Choose quality over quantity.

Photo courtesy Dress with Sense, Illustrations by Charlotte Trounce

Photo courtesy Dress with Sense, Illustrations by Charlotte Trounce

Scrutinize fabrics and seams

Go for fabrics that look and feel durable: they will last longer owing to their higher color-fastness and yarn strength.

Well-made clothes have strong seams, hems, stitching, and finishing. Linings also help to reduce wear.

Try it on

Always try clothes on when you shop. Like moods and the weather, sizes are changeable, according to designer or brand, and even fabric. Think about comfort and ease: if the garment in question tugs, scratches or restricts movement or breathing, you are unlikely to wear it much. So don’t buy it. You will be wasting both money and resources.

Try Cottonworld Clothes

Photo courtesy Dress with Sense, Illustrations by Charlotte Trounce

Resistance is better than regret

When you see ‘Sale’ signs or ‘Last Chance to Buy’ splashed throughout the store and your email inbox is full of cheap deals, take a deep breath and resist. Before you reach the till with your prospective purchase, ask yourself if you really need it, or if you already own something similar. Can you afford it? Will it be out of fashion next month? When in doubt, walk away.


Take action

Fashion is nothing without you, the consumer. Each time you spend your money, you are casting your vote for what you believe in. Speaking up to friends, family and fashion brands will inspire small ripples of change. If you are inspired to act, you will need to take control of your purse strings. Doing so will liberate you so that you can become your own gorgeously stylish, modern-day fashion activist.


Information resource - Dress with Sense written by Redress


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