About a Shirt

A wardrobe essential. A closet staple. A timeless piece of clothing.

Yes, we are talking about a shirt.

Whether it’s your classic white, the oversized shirt, the dress shirt or the button down... It is true that everybody has at least one shirt in his or her wardrobe. Of course, some have plenty. They are commonly worn every day without much thought. But did you know that the shirt is one of our oldest garments?

It has existed as a piece of clothing since before the Middle Ages. The shirt was originally worn exclusively by men as an undergarment or as a nightgown.

And today it is something that is so versatile. It can be worn in many different ways for many different occasions.

The shirt, we conclude is an indispensable fashion item.

The Classic Shirt

Some of our Hollywood iconic beauties in a classic white shirt. Making them forever memorable.

Audrey Hepburn in the Roman Holiday. She made it popular by simply pairing it with a skirt and a belt.

photo courtesy Huffington Post

photo courtesy Huffington Post

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Making her a style icon with her charming androgynous look. Complete with a white button-down, a vest, tie, and khaki slacks.

photo courtesy PurpleClover.com

                                                                photo courtesy PurpleClover.com

The White Shirt

Don’t we all love wearing our crisp white shirts? The classic white shirt - so simple, yet so elegant.

As much as we like to flaunt our whites. We know how easily it stains and how difficult it is to get those stubborn stains off. It was exactly for this reason the white shirt was seen as an item worn exclusively by the affluent. It would cost a fortune to have their shirts washed frequently or to own enough of them to wear. Only a few could afford such luxuries.

Thus the spotless white became an important attribute of prosperity. A powerful symbol of wealth. The pure white colour of the shirt became the link between social distinction and a marker for wealth. Thus resulting in the evolution of terms like the “white collar” and “blue collar”.

The Experimental Shirt

Kalki Koechlin adding a bit more style to the shirt in our 2018 Spring Summer Campaign. Wearing it as a statement headgear here.

Styled by Nikhil D
                                                                                        Styled by Nikhil D

Strutting her bohemian chic appeal as she throws it around like a casual wrap skirt.

 Styled by Nikhil D                                                                                  Styled by Nikhil D

Staying cool in a men’s shirt. Kalki sets the mood with an easy to wear street style.

Sometimes a simple shirt is all you need to look effortlessly cool. So go ahead put on your shirt. Experiment or try the classic route. You will hardly ever go wrong with a shirt.

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